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A puzzle/platforming game (+18) that focuses on the interactions between Saori and the player.

Saori violated by a special parasite, turning her body into a living nursery for birthing monsters. Saori is a kind, polite and somewhat lecherous elf girl who agrees to help the player under the condition that he becomes her permanent sexfriend afterwards.

When Saori has sex with someone, a monster egg cell inside of her will get fertilized and she can give birth to the new monster. By using the abilities of the monsters she births, as well as her own skills and the players, you will be able to solve the game's puzzles.

You(the player) basically interact with Saori and the world with the computer mouse. This is the basic concept of the gameplay.

This game features all original art by me and is fully completed.

If you've enjoyed this game and would like to help with future development, please consider supporting me on patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/pizzacatmx

Also, please feel free to visit my blog for more h-stuff here: http://pizzacatmx.blogspot.com/


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Great game, the puzzles were creative and  challenging while not making me want to pull out my  hair.
Is there more planned, or are the dead ends just that?


i love this game but i've been stuck on one level for 40 minutes xD "Plant crawl vs the Ancient Weapon"... great game tho! <3

Hi Gardevoir_J, thanks for your kind word and for playing. ^^

To solve the stage, give birth while facing left on the floating platform, the birthed monster will climb around the platform and reach the gun from behind:

oh!! thanks for the reply! i'm very upset i didn't see this a few months ago >~<. you wouldnt believe how close i got to finishing hte level through other tactics xD i played that level for almost an hour straight but in the end i gave up. now i can play again!! <3 <3